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About Us
Photographer & owner: Hongqi Zhang, also known as Michael Zhang or michaeljung in the stock photo industry.

We are based in Ballito, Durban, South Africa.

We've been dedicating ourselves in the microstock photography industry since 2008. We now have +/- 20 000 images online on all major agencies and still counting. Our images have been published on many medias - magazines, newspapers, adverts, billboard, TV and websites, etc. Our clients include some of the world's top brands and organisations: Nikon, Total, The World Bank, Toyota, South African Airline, Discovery, Netcare, Standard Bank, SABC, People Magazine, YOU Magazine and many more.

We love the freedom and openness of the stock photography business, literally we can shoot anything we like. Our portfolio includes lifestyle, portrait, fashion, business, industrial, medical, landscape, animals, sports and still life.

We also provide services of shooting commercial assignments such as: corporate and special events, products, weddings and family portraits, etc.

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Models Info
Want to be a model and see yourself in magazines or on TV? Great, we are hiring models! We are always looking for new models of any age, gender and race. Please read our FAQ's below.

What is microstock photography?
In short words, itís an online photo library that allows a customer to license photos at super low prices (typical price range between $0.20 - $10 per image). More definition and history about microstock photography, see wikipedia article here.

Do I need to be a professional model to quality for a photo shoot?
No. Previous modelling experience is an advantage but it is not required.

What type of models are you looking for?
We consider all ages, genders or races models. We are NOT particularly looking for high fashion runway models; just good looking everyday men, women, kids, seniors and professionals.

What are the requirements?
  • The applicant must be very confident and comfortable in front of camera.
  • The applicant must have good teeth, if you have any missing or visible golden or silver false teeth, you will unlikely to be hired.
  • The applicant must not have large visible tattoos.
  • A little bit of acting skills are always required during the shoot. Examples can be seen in our portfolios.

Will I get paid for the photo shoot?
Yes. We pay all our models hourly or daily rate. Sometimes we do TFCD (time for CD, models receive photos instead of payment).

Where will my photos be used?
Photos sold under a Royalty Free license are used in digital and print media including: magazines, newspapers, leaflets, brochures, billboards, adverts, TV, websites and books, etc.

Do you always know where the photos are being used?
No, due to amount of transactions (most agencies have over 30 million photos and thousands added daily), the agencies are unable to provide us where exactly the photos are being used.

What sort of photos will be taken during the photo shoot?
Generally we shoot business, medical, fashion and lifestyle both in studio and on locations. Examples can be seen in our portfolios.

Can customers use the images for anything, I mean, anything?
No, all the agencies we work with are strictly forbidding any usage in connection with pornography and defamatory materials.

Do I need to be nude in any shoots?
No. We do not shoot nude for stock library.

Do I need to sign anything?
Yes. A model release document before the shoot, persons under the age of 18 must have their guardians or parents sign. This is a legal procedure to certify that the shoot was done with the model's consent and acknowledgement. All stock agencies will not publish any photos containing human face without such a document.

Can I get references from previous models?
Of course you can. We have shot over 100 models aged between 0-75 years.

How do I apply?
Email us a clear head and shoulder photo of you and write your measurements and something brief about yourself.

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Business Owners Info
Are you a business owner and looking for great images for your advertising and marketing needs? And at low cost or no cost at all? We provide a win-win situation.

Delight Images is a commercial photo studio creating stock photography for license by magazines, newspapers, banks, commercial companies and websites. We continually need access to different business locations for our photo shoots. Your business may offer us the opportunity to create images that we need for an upcoming production. And vice versa, your business may need great images for your marketing.

How do I get great images?
We create win-win solutions where our studio will shoot at your business or resort and provide a CD of high-quality images for your use. We will use the images in our stock photography collection.

What is stock photography?
Stock photography is an online picture library available to clients for their image needs. Many clients find that licensing an existing image is easier than photographing an entirely new production. The images may be used in brochures, advertisements, posters, on a billboard, in videos or on a website.

What will I receive?
Your business will receive a CD of high-resolution digital files. All images are professionally colour-corrected and retouched. Images can easily be printed on a two-page magazine spread. Or if you prefer a payment we can also make an offer.

What can I do with the images?
Your business is granted a non-exclusive license to use and reuse the images for any purpose related to the promotion of your company. You may publish the images in brochures, advertising, websites, intranets, extranets, videos, commercials and billboards. The only thing you cannot do with the images is sell or give them to an unrelated third party.

What can I expect on a photo shoot day?
Maximum of 5-8 people including the crew and preparation, shoot and clean up time normally takes 6 hours. No eating or smoking is allowed on any locations.

Can I get a reference from previous shooting locations?
Of course. We have done more than hundreds of shoots in different business locations, including Netcare Group hospitals, dentist offices, garages, hotels, resorts, factories and schools, etc.

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Contact Us

+27 (0)86 571 6381


Physical Address
KwaZulu Natal,
South Africa

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